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Civil society statement on the EU’s intellectual property incentives review

Following growing concern about the sustainability of healthcare systems, in the summer of 2016 EU Health Ministers invited the European Commission (EC) to undertake a review of the Intellectual Property (IP) incentives that underpin biomedical innovation. This document is a joint statement by a coalition of like-minded  think tanks, civil society groups and academics who […]

South Africa’s journey to a knowledge economy: progress and challenges

For South Africa to join the ranks of high-income countries in the longer term it needs to start building a knowledge economy. That means ensuring its frameworks for the protection of intellectual property are of the highest standard, to attract international investment and know-how, and provide certainty to local innovators. South Africa’s journey to a […]

Pro-innovation civil society groups gather in New York to talk global health

The debate around innovation and health has been monopolised over the last decade by civil society groups that claim the current system of drug development, underpinned by markets and intellectual property rights, does not function and must be replaced by alternative systems that envisage a far greater role for government. In reality, there is no […]

Geneva Network statement on UN High Level Panel on Access to Medicines

The UN High Level Report on Access to medicines threatens the nascent boom in biopharmaceutical R&D in middle-income such as India and China, according to Geneva Network, a UK-based research organisation working on international trade, health and intellectual property issues. Since China and India upgraded their protection for intellectual property in the mid 2000s, their […]

New study: More medicines have their price raised by import duties

Countries need to commit to abolishing import tariffs on drugs Geneva, September 29, 2015 ─ A new study from Geneva Network has found that the global volume of trade in medicines that have their price increased by tariffs is growing at 21% per year. This means more patients in countries such as India, Brazil, Pakistan […]

How will the TPP impact access to medicines and innovation?

Geneva Network co-hosted its first event on 21 May, in Singapore, with our friends at SEANET. The aim was to cast some light over the debate about TPP and health, which so far has been rather apocalyptic. Prof Elizabeth Ng of the National University of Singapore kicked off by giving some context around the TPP, […]