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Philip Stevens

Executive Director

Philip founded Geneva Network in 2015. His main research interests are the intersection of intellectual property, trade, and health policy. Formerly he was an official at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, where he worked in its Global Challenges Division on a range of IP and health issues. Prior to his time with WIPO, Philip worked as director of policy for International Policy Network, a UK-based think tank, as well as holding research positions with the Adam Smith Institute and Reform, both in London. He has also worked as a political risk consultant and a management consultant. He is a regular columnist in a wide range of international newspapers and has published a number of academic studies. He holds degrees from the London School of Economics and Durham University (UK). He is also a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, Malaysia.

Argentina: Un camino hacia la Economía del Conocimiento

Según un estudio de Libertad y Progreso y Geneva Network, la Argentina es el país con el peor marco de protección al derecho de propiedad intelectual entre los países del G20, Este es un claro obstáculo para la llegada de inversiones y el desarrollo de la industria del conocimiento.

Innovate4Health Latin America

The Innovate4Health project tells the exciting story of people who are solving the world’s biggest health challenges with innovation. The innovations we have profiled have focused on local inventors, meeting local challenges.

Why free trade is good for your health

Much of the public discourse about free trade focuses on the supposed dangers it poses to the environment, to vulnerable communities around the world and to our health. Geneva Network has teamed up with the IFT to produce a pamphlet explaining the role of open trade in improving public health.