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Who We Are

Geneva Network is a research and advocacy organisation focusing on international innovation, trade and development policy.

Economic growth increasingly comes from innovation and trade in knowledge-based goods and services. Geneva Network promotes understanding of the policies needed for countries to transition to knowledge-based economies, particularly the growing importance of intellectual property rights.

We achieve this by:

  • Conducting original research
  • Explaining complex policy issues in the media
  • Providing a platform for discussion between experts, opinion leaders and policymakers.

We work with think tanks, scholars and opinion leaders from all over the world.

geneva network research principles
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Why are we called Geneva Network?

Geneva is an international city at the centre of debate and innovative thinking on innovation, trade and development policy. Like our namesake city, we bring together the best minds from all over the world to contribute to the global conversation. Geneva Network was founded in 2015.

Our People

Philip Stevens

Executive Director
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Prof. Mark Schultz

Senior Fellow
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Dr. Nilanjan Banik

Senior Fellow
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Juan Carlos Hidalgo

Latin America advisor
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Steve Bettison

Digital Communications Manager
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Our view on the importance of Intellectual Property rights

Geneva Network sees the protection of intellectual property rights as fundamental for driving economic growth and promoting trade in knowledge-based goods and services.

We subscribe to the Joint Declaration on the importance of IPRs hosted by our partners the Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance.

How are we funded?

Geneva Network is a private organisation registered in England. We are funded by a range of foundations and public and private sector organisations.