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Geneva Network looks at the important role of innovation and trade in driving economic development, and the policies needed to support it.


In a world where economic growth increasingly depends on “intangible” products and services based on human know-how, knowledge and creativity, only those countries that have the right policies for innovation will thrive. Intellectual property rights are key to the knowledge economy.



Trade is increasingly about “intangible” products and services, based on R&D efforts, brands, and patented technology. We advocate to remove tariffs and other trade barriers, while highlighting the importance of intellectual property rights in the modern trading system.



The global economy is undergoing a structural shift in which increasing proportions of economic growth come from knowledge-based industries. Countries that excel in innovation will be the economic leaders of the future. We advocate for the policies that help countries diversify from manufacturing, agriculture and the export of commodities towards more sustainable, innovation-led growth.