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IP ambivalence risks Europe’s competitiveness

In a world where economic growth increasingly depends on “intangible” products and services based on human know-how, knowledge and creativity, only those countries that have the right policy attitude to innovation will thrive. In addition to skills, regulation and tax policy, intellectual property rights are

Is the OECD ready for Colombian membership?

1 MINUTE QUICK READ Colombia is on the cusp of passing the final test for OECD accession, membership of which would confer enormous diplomatic and economic prestige. Colombia has come a long way economically, but needs to focus more closely on innovation in order to

South Africa’s knowledge economy key to high-income status

Editor’s note: this article first appeared in The Star, South Africa on 7th November 2017 South Africa seems to be stuck in a classic “middle income trap”. Weak levels of economic growth, low productivity, rising unemployment and fiscal deficits, will make it near impossible to graduate