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Intellectual property rights

Argentina: Un camino hacia la Economía del Conocimiento

Según un estudio de Libertad y Progreso y Geneva Network, la Argentina es el país con el peor marco de protección al derecho de propiedad intelectual entre los países del G20, Este es un claro obstáculo para la llegada de inversiones y el desarrollo de la industria del conocimiento.

Why free trade is good for your health

Much of the public discourse about free trade focuses on the supposed dangers it poses to the environment, to vulnerable communities around the world and to our health. Geneva Network has teamed up with the IFT to produce a pamphlet explaining the role of open trade in improving public health.

Vaccines: accelerating innovation and access

This WIPO Global Challenges Report describes the innovation process for vaccines. It explains how the restricted availability of vaccines is due to impediments at every stage of the process. Most of these obstacles are manageable, and intellectual property rights are associated with only some of them.