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Trade liberalisation

CodeBlue Reports on Improving Access to Medicines

CodeBlue wrote an article, “Low Cost Measures To Tackle Health SDGs Proposed Ahead of UN Meeting”  highlighting the major recommendations of the Improving Access to Medicines report that a coalition of think tanks, including Geneva Network, published ahead of the 74th session of the United

Why free trade is good for your health

“Free trade does in fact appear to be associated with better health outcomes, with the relationship particularly pronounced for lower-income countries.” Much of the public discourse about free trade focuses on the supposed dangers it poses to the environment, to vulnerable communities around the world

NAFTA and health: how trade improves health

Editor’s note: the article first appeared in The Hill on 25 November 2017. North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiators met in Mexico City recently, hoping to keep alive a deal that has set the terms for trade between Canada, Mexico and the United States since the