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Open trade and Covid vaccine manufacturing and access: The WTO’s role in ending the pandemic



Zoom, Virtual Meeting

As WTO members gather in Geneva for their Twelfth Ministerial Conference, there is much progress to celebrate in developing and delivering Covid vaccines. But many trade-related barriers are delaying global vaccine equity, from import tariffs to export restrictions.

Join our expert panellists for a robust discussion of how the WTO can contribute to ending the pandemic, and their suggestions for a Covid trade liberalising agenda WTO members can get behind.


Simon Evenett
Professor of Economics at the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland and Founder of the Global Trade Alert

Fredrik Erixon
Founder of the European Centre for International Political Economy, Brussels and author of the Innovation Illusion

Douglas Lippoldt
Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation, Canada and former Chief Trade Economist, HSBC Global Research


Philip Stevens
Executive Director, Geneva Network