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Advancing a quality pharmaceutical industry by lowering trade barriers

Read in Bahasa Indonesia has taken steps recently to boost growth through the Omnibus Jobs Bill, which removed some restrictions holding back foreign investment. Simultaneously, Indonesia is pursuing a local manufacturing agenda, with ambitions to accelerate growth and investment by requiring companies to manufacture

Industri farmasi berkualitas

Baca dalam bahasa Inggris Indonesia baru-baru ini mengambil reformasi perundangan dan relaksasi aturan untuk mendorong pertumbuhan melalui UU Cipta Kerja yang kontroversial itu, pada intinya menghapus beberapa pembatasan yang menahan investasi asing. Pada saat yang bersamaan, Indonesia sedang mengejar agenda manufaktur lokal, dengan ambisi

Why patents matter to Indonesia

Jakarta 30 — 31 August 2022 Indonesia’s 2016 Patent Act downgraded the country’s intellectual property framework well below regional standards, something the Widodo government has tried to rectify with its Omnibus Job Creation Bill. But there are still many areas for improvement including restrictions on

Building a Stable, Predictable Patent System in Brazil

Brasilia • 22 - 23 June 2022 The recent Article 40 Supreme Court decision in Brazil has removed an important safeguard against unreasonable patent examination delays, weakening an already challenging IP environment. In collaboration with local think tank partner, Centro Mackenzie de Liberdade Econômica, Geneva